Fekiikiri, si me whedab daraxtrix
Oh, I see you don’t speak the draconic tongue. Oh, well, I’ll speak in the common tongue then.
My story, no, the epic of the fey who saved the world from destruction, not just from morgrath, but from themselves, starts many years ago. One fine day, I was meditation in the fields of the town of parry, I mean Naples. Geese, these human names are so hard to remember.
Well, lets continue. Sudennly, my then apprentice morgrath came up to me. He seemed normal just like any other day. I would never have suspected his betrayel.
“Have you come to train”
“No, I have a message for you”
“What is the message”
“It is a message that can only be given” He summoned a sword to his hands.“In blood”
“I guess we must fight”
He swung his sword towards me several times, but I skillfully dodged them all. I sent some punches his way but he blocked them too. I teleported behind him and I was finnally able to get in a punch. Then, I cast a wind blow spell knocking him down.
“You are not yet strong enough”
As I foolishly turned around not suspecting the terrible technigue he would use, he lunged at me with his hand. Once he put his hand on my back he pronounce the words “Soul separation”. I fell to the ground. A few seconds later I got back up.
“Nothing happenned”
He seemed to ignore me and crouched down where I had just fallen.
“i have defeated you at last”
I did not see anything there and I was not defeated. It was very strange. Once he left I had a strange ache in my head and then I saw an old man.
“Who are you”
“That is not for you to know. Now you must now what happenned. He just separated your souls from your body.”
“My soul is a dragon, I still look human”
“YOu are a dragon, anyone else who met your soul would say so, but you can’t see it”
“That is a long story, now you must only know one thing. You must recover your connection to your body or yo will dissapear from this world. Now you only have limited power in the materialm, but yo can contact people by using soul paper which you will havw to search”
AS I tried to ask him another question he dissapeared. I calmed down and decided to search for that soul paper. After many months of search I found them and wrote a message to the material. I spread the message thorugh several fey locals so that only fey could find them and even they would have to search hard for them, so that they wouldn’t fall in the wrong hands. I hoped some good fey would one day find them.
That is my beggining which now leads… to yours.

Souls of the fey